Since 2011 I'm teaching at the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU). The courses are part of the Informatics Master Study Programme, more precisely, the Web and Software Engineering branch.

Middleware and Web Services

Annotation: Modern applications require a certain level of flexibility with respect to changes that may occur over their lifetime. From this reason, there are new types of application architectures that allow to expose application functionality as services and configure cross-application processes. Another important requirement is to develop and maintain applications of high scalability, security, and reliability. This course provides information on concepts, architectures, and technologies for development of such applications.

Web 2.0

Annotation: Web 2.0 defines new models for information sharing, interoperability and creation based on collaborative approaches. Web 2.0 defines new models for human-computer interactions and new ways how information on the Web can be used and processed in new value-added applications. The module will provide a fundamental basis for everyone who wants to design and implement modern Web applications based on new paradigms and state-of-the-art Web technologies.

Web Data Mining

Annotation: This course provide students with an overview of web mining technologies and qualify them to use some of them in practice. Upon successful completion students will be able to identify specific method for automatic processing of web data and understand the procedure of applying such methods in appropriate applications. The course is divided in three tematic blocks: mining from the web structure - Web Structure Mining, from the web content - Web Content Mining, and form the users' access to the web - Web Usage Mining.

Following table lists all courses I am or have been teaching.

* - one hour corresponds to 45 min.
Course title Lectures/seminars Dimension* School year Semester Language University

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